Dangers Of A Gentleman

With his

grey skin and

dripping red hands

you’d think him terrifying.

And oh he is

because he’s got that

tongue of silver and

I see his

obsidian heart with

a lining of sulfur dust.

But I swear that the

shadows never were that dark nor

the stars so dim

before I met him

but now he’s become

a constellation of broken promises and

forgotten mistakes

that I can trace with my eyes closed.

And they say the Devil

comes with red horns and

a pitchfork to match

but they were all wrong,

he’s got a starlight suit so fine

and puddles of scarlet blood in his wake

and a smile that tells me

to run and to stay

because anything could go wrong

and everything could go right.

They told me to turn my back on him

but you never turn your back on your enemy

and I know that he’s just waiting

for that to happen

so he can brand me red with the blood

he drips and he’ll whisper


don’t tell me I didn’t warn you

about the dangers of a gentleman.”


So this was partially Darkiplier/Damien Iplier inspired (I shall consider them the same person until proven otherwise). Hope you guys like it ^ . ^


Holy crap. This is beautiful! You have such a good grasp of language and flow! It’s so pretty and yet the words contrast it completely, creating this whole eerie but still enjoyable atmosphere while reading! And this is coming from someone who usually isn’t a big fan of poetry! I’m just blown away.

~Mod Carbz


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