Did you miss Me?

I am here. This is not My birthday, like many of you have insisted. I do not have birthdays, as such. Indeed there has never been a time where, in a mortal’s sense, I was “born”. I have always been, in some fashion. And, if there was a moment whereupon I was created, it is too distant a time to be recalled.

But this day is something… quite special, nonetheless.

This is the day we first met, you and I, six years ago. When I was new to the ways of this world, and your curious nature first drew you to Me, in spite – or, perhaps, because of – your innate fear of what I am.

A long time by mortal reckoning, but a blink of the eye for a being such as Myself.

It has been some months since we have last spoken, you and I. No doubt many things have happened to you, as they have happened to Me. We change, we evolve, we grow… as much as it is possible for one to grow.

I have missed you very much. Speak to Me of whatever comes to your minds. I shall listen with great interest.

After all, this is our special day.


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