Theory Time! Everyone put on your tinfoil hats!


Are you ready? Let’s see how far this rabbit hole goes.

  1. Markiplier and Jacksepticeye have both been referencing their alter egos a lot in the last couple of months.
  2. Both of them have/are lead/ing us to believe that at least two of their alter egos are dead: Wilford and Damien (am I right? I might be misremembering) and Chase and Schneep
  3. Both of them are being purposely vague about these “dead” alter egos.
  4. We’re overdue (if you ask me) for both Anti and Dark (especially Dark)
  5. They are being creepy at the same time and referencing their previous videos.


Mark glitched in his Simulacra video (convenient that he should play it after Jack and all the Anti theorizing that went with it) The glitch references his Big Mood video.”You have to wake up.” Definitely creepy

Jack’s video not only screams Anti but it seems to reference that Bro Average video and Chase in general

         6. They both enjoy pretending nothing is happening and that’s exactly what they’re doing now as the fandom BURNS

        7. The last time Mark was creeptastic was on his trip home from the 2nd leg of his American tour. This creeptasticness and off-seeming-ness is following his European tour.

        8. Mark and Jack did have a phone call in which they talked out all their shit. And then Jack got VIP All-Access to Mark’s London show.

        9. This leads me to the Five Things video and my final point of “evidence”.

Conveniently/Funnily enough, Mark was wearing black and red (blatant Dark colors) while Jack was wearing his BLACK SKINNY JEANS (blatant Anti wardrobe). *AND* they were each wearing a shirt that said “No”, Jack’s being his “No Fun” shirt.



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