if you are looking for a name change but cant afford the basically $400 like most people then go to your local court house and ask for an “indigent form” that form you will state that you cant afford to change your name. so then it will be free if very little.

feel free to add to this if other states have any more information

Landon told me to do this so when I went to the county clerks office I asked for a fee waiver, I had to go to the law library to get the right paperwork then filled out my income and my monthly expenses and they waived my $290 court fee. I still had to pay for the notary and fingerprints and whatnot before all that but it ended up being around $50 total rather than $300+ definitely look into it if you need some financial help with this process!

Additionally this link had all the info for name changes in TX that I needed:

(I think you can go on that site and select other states as well so it should be helpful!)

I know this isn’t exactly fashion but I like rebloging other resources for you lovelies too.


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