Make Your Choice

Some say to be afraid, that the Man with No Shadow is a monster. Have they ever looked past the mask? Seen between the lines or past their own fear? A Gentlemen of Darkness, Lies never pass His lips. He is familiar, like the comfort of a forgotten love and yet a stranger that appears with the face of a friend. He holds out a hand as He offers to take you through the Rabbit hole. Will you take a chance and take His hand? Decide to see past your fear? Or will you see only what has been told to you? He offers you everything, some say it’s nothing but a trap. That He cares nothing for you. If that was the case, why then does He speak so fondly? Why is His voice a comfort? Will you listen to Him and decide to hear a new voice? Or are you content with the voices of others guiding you? Some say that life is ours to choose, but if we’re told how to live is that really a choice? The Man with No Shadow holds the key to your lock. Are you content as a puppet for other people’s choices? Or will you let Him free you and make Your Own Choice?


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