Eyes widening but maintaining her composure, she gives the woman in front of her the respect she deserves by half-bowing and lowering her head slightly before she speaks. “Mistress Meg, please excuse my interruption! I never intended to call you here. I.” Her voice cuts off as she sneaks a look at the other woman’s face, her eye’s drifting to glance at her ears. A slight frown forms before she can control herself as she realises she can not see if her Gift was received as Meg’s hair covers them.

(Meg’s eyes narrow as her guest stutters. While she’s better behaved, she still lacks patience… especially when compared to Dark. A lock of her hair briefly falls into her face and she tucks it back behind her ear, showing one of the ornate blue dragon-claw earrings she received on Valentine’s Day.)

“Okay. And…?”


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