Struggling to contain her delight at the sight of her gift being worn she lets out a small relieved sigh before realizing she was making the other woman wait. “Oh, my apologies. I was going to ask what you thought of the gift I sent with Grace on Valentine’s Day? I am sorry it took so long for me to come enquire about it, I had to be sure I could get away without being noticed” Her hand moves up to her neck subconsciously, lightly touching the faint mark there.

(Meg smiles at that, recognizing the benefactress of such a generous offering. She absently flicks a finger at the earring, as if to be sure it’s still there.)

“Oh, you’re Amber?”

(Her smile widens, and she seems genuinely pleased.)

“I wanted to thank you for these, but I wasn’t sure how to reach you. Daddy says to always appreciate what I’m given. And I do.”

(Her light, high voice softens a little, as does her expression.)

“They’re beautiful. Thanks.”


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