About Blank

So we all know this guy by now.

And everyone’s pretty damn convinced that he’s Ethan’s darksona. Even Ethan himself called him his “dark boi.” But I think we’re interpreting this wrong.

Look at his face. Does he look evil? Does he look angry or like he has any intentions of doing something bad? I mean he might but that’s not my point.

More than anything he looks… sad. He looks afraid. Take a look at this screenshot from his last appearance.

He’s crying.

I think a fitting description would be “broken.”

I seem to have a talent for reading people and even fictional characters. Blank doesn’t come across as evil to me at all, just broken.

To me, he doesn’t seem like a bad guy, but he could still be a little dangerous. Maybe he could hurt Ethan or someone else, but it’s not because of any vendetta or sick joy like Dark or Anti.

There’s a lot more to this guy that we’re yet to find out. And I’m very interested to see what’s going to happen.

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Yeah, I noticed he wasn’t like Anti or Dark, or even any dark side I’ve seen. He looks more like the victim than the perpetrator to me…

I got the same sense the first time I saw him when Ethan was promoting the posters. Blank doesn’t give me “evil” vibes. He seems a little creepy but, mostly, he seems like he’s trying to help.

Being a little strange/spooky and being evil aren’t the same thing. He may be dark, but he’s not Dark.


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