Anonymous asked: “Dark, what in the world made you and the other Ego’s agree to pose for Tasteful Nudes with Mark for this Calendar? None of the profits go towards anything that would benefit you, unless you are using the theory of “Any attention is Good attention?” That sounds a bit like Anti more then your M.O.” 

I hoped to get this audio ready sometime during the Easter holidays, but Easter itself is a holiday for a reason. I’m deeply sorry for not getting this out sooner, but I still hope you guys enjoy this audio in response to @markiplier‘s calendar from a few days back. 

Constructive criticism is deeply appreciated! @darkiplier-support-group

Script can be found from clicking/tapping on “Keep reading.”

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Poor Dark. He’s not a happy camper about that calendar!

I LOL’d, though. Poor grumpy demon boi.


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