She nodded her head in confirmation as Meg continued to talk, the praise from someone she admired and respected making her blush. “I tend to be hard to find, even for someone with as many resources as your Dad has. I try to keep out of sight, but when ever I see you I..” She snaps her mouth closed, unsure how to explain her situation. “You are most welcome, they took a bit of time to create. But I wanted to make sure that what I gave you matched how I see you. Unique, Powerful and Beautiful.”

(The demon girl is visibly blushing in spite of herself, the adulation quite genuinely taking her by surprise. She lacks her father’s cool repose, having a more …well, ‘human’ response.)

“You’re very kind. I… I don’t suppose I’ll be able to see you again, sometime? When… when you’re able? If it’s not too much to ask?”

(She pauses and, after a moment’s thought, claps a hand over her mouth in an attempt to stifle a giggle. She gains control of her brief gigglefit, but is still obviously amused.)

“You know Daddy will have something to say about this, sooner or later…”


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