Her smile drops slightly at Meg’s expression. Wondering if she said something she shouldn’t have, she moves closer to Meg. Lightly bumping her shoulder into the other woman’s attempting to lighten the mood. “I have a few thing’s to work out with him, it’s all very business like.” Smirking as she pivots on one foot, sliding around to stand in front of Meg. Taking the other woman’s hand in her own, she gives a half bow and kisses the top of her hand softly. “Until we meet again, Mistress Meg.”

(Meg nods, seeming relieved. She can’t help but feel… attached to this particular human. She almost wonders why, but decides not to analyse the feeling, instead just going with it.)

“That’s good. I hope you get whatever it is you’re looking for.”

(Her expression softens when Amber kisses her hand in a courtly fashion.)

“I’ll see you around.”

(She reluctantly pulls away and turns, beginning to head for the exit. She briefly pauses at the door looking over her shoulder at her new… friend, for lack of a better term. Smiling, her eyes hooded, she turns back and walks out the door.)


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