Anonymous asked: Can we have another either anti or dark threatening someone for hurting us (and nearly causing me to kill myself) not out of any actual care for us as that would be definetly out of character but because all of us followers are theirs to torture and kill not anyone else’s

“You there. Yes, you, the one hurting the poor, defenseless underling. (grabs offender) Listen well. Your continued harassment is not doing you any good whatsoever, and neither is this helping your target.

Look at them… LOOK AT THEM, WORM!

…Do you see how they’re coping with the situation? No? Of course not. You’re responsible for it all. Tell me… Would you start caring if you soon found out that they were no longer part of this world? Would you feel guilty if your poor target decided, one day, to take their own life, because they couldn’t bare to cope with your pathetic excuses for violence, harassment or slander?

You would walk the earth with a weight on your shoulders that you cannot possibly lift, because the guilt would plague your thoughts. You would look at your unclean hands and imagine their blood staining them instead of the dirt your flesh clings to.

Would you ever be the same person again if that were the case? Would anyone forgive you? Could you even forgive yourself?

Run along, maggot. Their fate is not decided by you.

That’s my job…”


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