How do you think Anti or Dark would react to someone asking them out? (sorry if this one has been asked)

“My apologies, I must have misheard you. Are you… offering me an invitation to go on a “date” with you? Or adventure, outing, however you wish to call it… Yes?

This is… rather unexpected. I didn’t expect you to be the one to take the initiative. You are aware of who and what I am, correct? You’re not planning on taking over my position, are you? You are only human, after all.

Still… you are brave–very brave–to say those words. I cannot fault you for your effort there.

We can go now, if you wish, or plan out a suitable day and time that won’t clash with any other duties we may have in the future.

… Then, it is done. I’ll pay. (chuckles mischievously) Hmm? … Oh. It’s nothing of your concern. Don’t worry yourself over it…

Shall we?“

This was fantastic… and I love the use of the jazz-inspired instrumental from Nightwish’s “Slow, Love, Slow” in the background. 

Darkiplier + Nightwish == two awesome flavours that are great together. 😀


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