@arlinabloodgrave20: What would Dark or Anti do if they had someone confess their love to them? I really want to know

“"You’re pouring your heart to me of all beings in existence? … I… I’m at a loss for words, which never happens with me. These emotions you’ve described must be genuine. And if that’s the case, I hope you plan to follow through with them. 

I don’t truly know what ‘love’ is–mostly because I’ve never properly experienced these… sensations or emotions before–but I do know one thing.

You may be impulsive, you may be infuriating with your emotional behavior, indecisive stalling or strange, often irrelevant questions you may have to share with me! …However, I cannot deny that your sudden devotion for me is… unexpected.

I’m… not familiar with human relationships, but something tells me you might have a fair idea of what they may involve. If you do decide to spend your life with me, promise me one thing.

No deception. If I find out you’ve redirected your ‘love’ towards another person without telling me beforehand, I will find you and remind you of who you belong to, first and foremost. Is that understood? …Good. I’m glad we’ve reached a consensus there.

(chuckles) At least let me take you back to your home, sweetheart. Here, take my hand…

(whispers) My love…“


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