@livingemerald: Hey Dark, what would you do if someone tried to escape from your grasp?

“What would I do if someone tried to escape from my grasp? Well, it all depends on where we are to begin with. I won’t reveal too much information, but I can tell you a couple things that may satisfy as an answer.

Once you’re in my domain, only I can allow you to leave. You can try to get away, but your efforts would be futile in the end. Simple movements like walking would be rather… dexterous for humans, due to the fact that they roam in the space between dimensions.

In the human world, that’s another story.

(Someone attempts to run away from Darkiplier.)

Ah-ah-ah~ (catches them) I’m not finished with you yet, dear. Trying to escape like a prairie dog from a fox. Cute…

(The victim tries to escape again.)


(Darkiplier clicks his fingers, his powers preventing the victim from running further away, keeping them still.)

It looks like I need to teach you some discipline. (slowly approaches) If you truly desire freedom, you will listen to me and obey me. Now, hold still…”


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