@femine23 submitted a thrilling narrative around both Mark and Dark having a one-sided conversation. Some minor components to the original script were corrected in the final version to make it easier to read and follow. Enjoy!

Dark paced along the edges of the room, his eyes searching for any cracks, dents or any kind of imperfection. Finding none, he relaxed. Smiling, he turned to his guest.

Mark sat tied to a chair with a gag in his mouth. His eyes glaring intensely as he struggled.

A more comfortable chair of his own appeared from the floor. Taking a seat Dark sighed in content, “And here we are, right where we should have been years ago.”

Anger flared within the coal depths of his eyes, “But no. You insisted on keeping me restrained. Shoved into this space where I had to claw my way out, just for your feeble mind to hear me.”

His anger subsided, Dark leaned forward. “Do you know why you’re here now, Mark? Do you want to know how I managed to drag your conscious mind into my prison cell?” Dark smiled, showing all his teeth as Mark yelled against the gag. “Of course you want to know. But I’m not going to tell you. All you get to know is that your arrogance in thinking I would be subdued was vital in it all.”

Dark rose to his feet, clasping his hands behind his back as he looked down at Mark. “I can’t possibly express how much joy I feel seeing you like this. Trapped within your own mind. But it would be foolish of me to continue gloating. I have so much I need to do. Starting with paying a visit to dear Amy. Such a sweet girl, I wonder…Will she even be able to tell the difference?”

Dark chuckled, the sound rippling from his chest as he walked around Mark and left through the open door. Mark flailed against the restraints, screaming his protests as Dark gleefully closed and locked the door… and then rightfully stepped into Mark’s body.


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