“Snow White”, “Like a Rose on the Grave Of Love” and “Dancer” by Xandria are very underrated yet such beautiful songs.

“Like a Rose on the Grave of Love” is one of my favourite songs from the Lisa Middelhauve era


of Xandria. “Sisters of the Light,” “Vampire,” “Firestorm” and “In Love with the Darkness” are my other big faves from that time period.

I love how vulnerable and fragile Lisa’s voice is. It sounds so different from anything else that you’d expect from symphonic/gothic metal, and I wish that the band hadn’t become such a toxic environment for her. Who knows what amazing stuff they could have come up with, with her still at the helm?

Dianne is my absolute favourite of the Xandria vocalists, but I still love Lisa’s work on their albums. Neither of those wonderful ladies deserved the treatment they got in the band… and I wish them lots of luck and love in their futures.


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