baby meeting cat for the first time

Cat person right there. 

Look at that tiny rectangle.

thsi is one of the top 3 most important videos i’ve ever seen

I react to any and all cats in this exact same way, every time

This really warmed my heart and made me smile.

This is one of the best things I’ve ever seen. Really brightened my day.

(Also…super important for the safety of the baby. Let the cat get used to the baby on its own terms. Scent marking is important. And don’t let the cat in the crib when you aren’t present bc cats can suffocate babies without meaning to by snuggling them the wrong way. So, This is not only cute but also the proper way to have an introduction that is safest for the baby and the cat.)

Please unmute

The sweet little baby is so excited to see mommy and daddy’s kitty! And the cat was so chill about it too.

This is such a pure post, my ovaries exploded.


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