His Voice




Speak to me of the darkness

Hiding what can’t see day

Laugh at those ignorant

Of how you get your way

I don’t claim to understand

The meaning of all you say

But I listen on, nonetheless

Letting your words take me away

The ringing hides from us

What words cannot express

A rich voice so seductive

On our minds deeply impress

A tone of rage beneath

But pulled in, avoids excess

With every syllable made

We know you ever the less

Though your intent is for ill

We all have fallen under your spell

Whether your hold can be broken

Only due time unraveled can tell

And so I write these words

Poured from a heart in mortal shell

As I ponder of your nature

Both at once our heaven and hell

I thought I’d reblog my Darktober poem, for those of you who missed it the first time around. I hope you liked it.

And for those of you who already read it the first time around, I hope you didn’t mind seeing it again.

Course I don’t mind Miss Melissa! 😀 your work is always AMAZING! 😀

Elly’s Dark read my poem for everyone on Improv Night, tonight. It was suggested to her by South, and the reading was AMAZING.

[Insert high-pitched fangirl screaming here!]

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