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You don’t have to be black, it just means you support us, you stand by us and you’re for us.



Someone who’s black or supports black people and their human rights. it literally says that in the description. “You don’t have to be black, it just means you support us, you stand by us and you’re for us.” 

Why the fuck does this not have more notes wtf.


Reposted in honour of my fiance – a strong, kind, hardworking black man who is very much loved by this Italian girl.

Racism is such an outdated concept. I can’t even fathom it anymore.

Oh, it still exists. In 2017. Still makes me scratch my head.

Sometimes, when fiance and I are out, we get gawked at like we’re a pair of exotic birds. When we’re just trying to have lunch. Or walking on the boardwalk. Or going shopping.

One time, when we were in Burger King, I had this old biddy of a woman constantly shooting me nasty looks because I was with fiance (his back was turned, so he didn’t see her). So, I brightened things up by praising my guy and telling him how much better he is than the guys I once dated, how sweet he is to me, and how grateful I feel to have such an amazing man. When he started telling me how glad he is that we get along so well, and telling me how awesome he thinks I am… Well, she just looked disgusted. And she walked out after her meal was done, visibly shuddering.

Her husband? Gave no fucks. He was ignoring the world around him because he was hungry. (Which makes him cool in my book.)

Woman’s behaviour was rude as all hell. Best part? This is in New Jersey, not the Deep South where you’d naturally (if mistakenly) expect it to happen.

We’re just going about our day. STOP STARING AND PULLING FACES, ALREADY.


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