You will meet many types of people in your life. You will meet delicate flowers, raging oceans, quiet forests, towering mountains, and colourful skies. You will meet thunderstorms, you will meet lightning. They will knock you down, they will leave you breathless. You will meet sunrises, you will meet gardens. They will give you light, they will take you on adventures. Explore them. Get lost with them. They all have something to teach you. 

Reblog if you want to people to come into your inbox and tell you what type of person you are to them – gardens? a sea storm? a sunrise that is brilliant and bold, or a sunrise that that is soft and pale with mist and promise? anything or everything…

Now, this sounds truly interesting.

What do I remind you of?

I got some interesting responses last time. So I thought I’d revisit this again, now that it’s been a year of my being active on Tumblr.

What do I remind you of?


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