On @darknesshadows‘ advice, I went with Underworld tonight. Goodness, the story of Selene & Michael is so gut-wrenching, especially knowing how it ends. But this was just the beginning of their story, their first meeting, so…

Kate Beckinsale is incredible as Selene. Not only does she look amazing, she kicks so much butt, it’s just breathtaking. She’s a ruthless killer, so good at her job! And yet, when she meets Michael, she gives it all up, for him, becoming his protector, even though he’s basically the apex predator of both of their species, vampires and lycans. And that just pushes all my buttons.

You see, I adore the trope of the protective!woman. It doesn’t necessarily have to mean she’s the better fighter, no. It’s all about her attitude. Selene embodies this trope, just like Teresa and Brenda towards Thomas in TMR. And it makes me so happy, this trope, because I’m honestly so tired of alpha men. I’m all for women going after what they want and protecting what’s theirs. 

So, yeah, great movie. The cinematography is spectacular!


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