before you ever even consider having a child you should be ready to handle a disabled child, you should be ready to handle twins, you should be ready to handle a gay child or a trans child

because if you’re not ready for your child to be anything other than one straight, cis, able bodied and able minded child, you’re going to end up neglecting and abusing somebody for years to come

and even if your child is all that, you might have a feminine boy or a masculine girl on your hands. so be fucking ready for your child to be a human being and not YOUR PRODUCT or PROPERTY or CREATION

fucking sort your shit out, i am so tired of shitty parental sob stories about how “hard” it is to “raise” (read: beat the divergency out of) an autistic child or whatever. do you know what’s harder? being the divergent child of parents who you’ve already let down by virtue of existing in a way they didn’t ask for. putting up with years of neglect and abuse because you’re just not good enough for them, you weren’t what they were planning for or expecting.

Last paragraph is a fucking mic drop

I cannot stress this enough. If you aren’t prepared to love the child you are given, please forego procreation.

Parenthood isn’t about the parent. It’s about the needs of the child. If there’s any doubt about that in your mind, DO NOT HAVE CHILDREN.

If you’re not prepared to provide whatever your child might need to become a self-sufficient adult, DO NOT HAVE CHILDREN. 

If you’re not prepared to treat your child like a human being, have respect for their individuality, protect them without denying them privacy, and love them unconditionally, DO NOT HAVE CHILDREN.

If your love is dependent on how successful they are, how obedient they are, DO NOT HAVE CHILDREN.

If you want to have miniature versions of yourself rather than small persons who are individuals in their own right, DO NOT HAVE CHILDREN.

If you blame others for your screw-ups, refuse to accept responsibility for your own actions, and get pissed when things don’t go your way, DO NOT HAVE CHILDREN UNTIL YOU’VE FINALLY GROWN THE FUCK UP.

If you’re going to raise a child, you better be a goddamn grownup about it. Until then? DO NOT HAVE CHILDREN.


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