Elder poverty is real


I get grossed out by how often things online suggest all older people are wealthy because I’ve seen time and time again poor old people being fucked over.

 Old women losing their homes because their husbands die and their lower social security can’t pay for rent or taxes.  Or old people whose spouse helped them manage things like health problems or memory difficulties not having any financial means to replace that support with care workers. 

Old people skipping meals and going hungry.  

Old people whose families have liquidated most of their assets because the family has guardianship and there’s far too little protection.

Old people whose medical bills have totally bankrupted them or who are losing medical care needed to stay in their homes instead of an institution for financial reasons.  

Old people whose age related disabilities mean that navigating the bureaucracy of the welfare system is impossible for them.

There’s so much suffering of the elderly poor swept under the rug in favor of focusing on the very small group of wealthy old people.  No serious anti-poverty movement or measure can exclude elder poverty from their work without harming millions.  Old people aren’t disposable.

This is also the main reason “semi-retirement” is a thing. Old folks can’t afford the cost of living on their meager pensions, so they take a job to cover the difference… at a time in their lives when they should be relaxing and enjoying their twilight years.

My 70 year old mother works part time. She’s semi-retired, and has NO nest egg to cushion her in her advancing age, and my fiancé

and I aren’t in much of a position to help. She’s in pretty decent health right now, but heaven help us if she gets sick. Then we’re all screwed.


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