But like why is there still this concept that males don’t like cute mushy romantic shit and being emotionally taken care of? Just the other day I was cuddling with my boyfriend and after admiring him for awhile I told him, “Your eyes are so beautiful, they look like mini oceans” and I swear to god I heard him squeak in embarrassment and saw his cheeks actually begin to blush. Sometimes he likes being the little spoon and although I’m half his size I’m always happy to play jet pack. If he’s having a bad day he knows he can lay his head on my shoulder and just bawl his eyes out and I won’t think any less of him. Guys have emotional needs and want to feel loved and taken care of too yanno.

I remember reading about a study made in Europe where both men and women were asked what they want the most from their partner but might not dare to ask it. Majority of the men answered that they just wanted to be held by their partner.

Men are very sensitive, soft and kind creatures. If they aren’t, they are not in touch with their gentle, emotional side and fight against it.

The concept of hyper-masculinity is so completely toxic for men, and the boys that will grow up to be men. 

Guys want to feel loved and appreciated too, and they need to be able to laugh and cry like a real human being. There’s absolutely NOTHING wrong with that.


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