Mark is great at playing a villain! I am in love with his voice! He has been only improving and getting stronger! You could kind of think about it like Dark is the one singing…

Anywho, here is the link to the full video: (x)

I love this video so much! This song suits his voice so well and singing looks so effortless for him now! uwu

He also loosens his jaw when singing, which is important as it helps keep the vocal chords from straining. His posture is also consistent with good singing habits, as well. And the end result is that his overall ability has massively improved in a relatively short time.

His version of “Christmas Time is Here” used his falsetto and was wonderfully restrained. He now has the capability to not just sing, but to interpret a song in whatever way compliments the rest of the song. So many singers with greater experience struggle with that, but he picked it up incredibly quickly.

Way to go, Markimoo!


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