the worst memories of being bullied is when ppl would pretend not to be bullying you and ask you questions and u thought they were just asking u stuff but they were actually laughing at you the entire time and u had no idea bcos you were young and you didnt understand why people would be mean to you when you didnt do anything wrong. 

I spent a lot of my childhood in a constant state of “this is a trap but I don’t know how”

This stayed with me. Sometimes when people are nice to me, I still think they have bad intentions.

If you see someone doing this, please say something. One action is literally all it takes. There’s one thing you can say to shut it down and that’s “What’s so funny about what so & so said?” And if they continue to make jokes, write down everyone’s name who was egging this shit on, and go to the principles office. That shit is not okay and I cannot tell you how many times I’ve done this. As upper classmen, it’s important to know when someone is making conversation or just being a dick. 

My principle never really did anything, he’d just tell me it was probably a misunderstanding and it got to the point where I had to be snarky and as a fucking senior, I would tell all of my lower classmen to leave whoever the fuck alone and go to class. 

We had a kid who I’ll call Jack at my school who didn’t understand that he was being bullied and when the office would try to talk to him he’d brush it off as “we were joking around.” and that’s not what it was and I started yelling at kids. Make a scene. Normalise protecting people. Please. 

Normalise protecting people. Please.


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