to anyone who thinks those of us with invisible disabilities have “passing privilege”:

being denied access to resources you need is not a privilege.

being refused disability benefits at first glance because you look “healthy” is not a privilege.

getting dirty looks and having insults thrown at you for parking in a disabled space, using a disabled toilet or sitting in disabled seating is not a privilege.

getting accused of faking or exaggerating because “you look fine” is not a privilege.

being made to feel like you shouldn’t sometimes use mobility aids/wheelchairs because you “seem fine without them” is not a privilege.

having doctors not believe you’re sick and even refuse to give you any tests or diagnosis is not a privilege.

being denied treatment and medication because doctors don’t believe you really need it is not a privilege.

constantly being told that “you don’t look sick” when you tell someone about your disability is not a privilege. 

being forced to do things that you really struggle to do because “you seem fine” and “you CAN technically do them” is not a privilege.

constantly worrying about how you look and if you should wear certain clothes, make up or do your hair because you’re afraid it might give people another reason to deny your conditions is not a privilege.

being afraid to even tell people about your conditions because you’re worried about how they’ll react and if they’ll believe you is not a privilege.

having your own loved ones question you is not a privilege.

questioning yourself and wondering if it is all in your head is not a privilege.

looking healthy does not mean you get the privilege that comes with a healthy body and mind. having an invisible disability is NOT a privilege and never will be.

I don’t use a cane or wheelchair… but I have both mental and physical illnesses, which are often subtle and quite painful.

If you’ve seen how many times I’ve been refused assistance of any kind, because I’m “not sick enough”? You’d be horrified.

I’m not well, but I get treated as if I’m “fine” and healthy, meaning it’s impossible for me to get the help I need. Add to that, the stigma surrounding mental illness? That is not privilege, not even remotely.


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