The Signs as Markiplier Questions

Aries: “Is it possible to give birth to a genie”
Taurus: “What happened to Markiplier”
Gemini: “Can I eat my pet named Steve”
Cancer: “At what age can babies fight to the death”
Leo: “Why is my boyfriend so Jacksepticeye”
Virgo: “Is there such thing as an underground race of potato people”
Libra: “Why am I so afraid of my sexuality”
Scorpio: “Is my bird a terrorist”
Sagittarius: “What is the number for times I gave a fuck”
Capricorn: “Is it painful to be an idiot”
Aquarius: “What happens when you mix alcohol and bad decisions”
Pisces: “Do fish ever explore space”

(Source is Markiplier’s 2nd video of Google Feud)


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