Happy Friendship Day, Treasures! 😀

Despite the Fandom doom hanging overhead from Mark’s cryptic post yesterday.

I want to still make this to say thank you and I love you to all the friends I’ve made on Tumblr. The order isn’t going to mean anything, just names that pop into my head first. You are all important and special to me, ok? Now, I may forget some @ here as it may have been awhile, my memory isn’t always the best and I’m sincerely sorry if I do. But, that doesn’t make you any less of my friend, Treasure ok?

@melissatreglia Big sis, you were the first one I met on Anon……was it only really last year? It feels like we’ve known each other forever. Though that’s the way these things go sometimes, huh? You just… with people and you’re friends for life. Thank you big sis, for encouraging me to get my blog and helping me vastly improve my writing.

@annes-a-pan Partner, I can’t remember when exactly we met but it wasn’t long after I made my blog. You were the first friend I made here. I know that you’re not online much anymore but I wanted to thank you for listening to me ramble for hours about Egos. XD You are a very sweet person and I hope wherever you are, you’re doing good.

@hisnostringspuppett Glitch sis, you and I met a little while after I met Anne, I think. I’m not sure. Despite the fact it could have been under slightly better circumstances, I don’t care. You quickly became my best friend, a sister figure to me. My heart aches for everything you’ve gone through, sis. I’m so glad I help you feel better.

@daughter-of-anti @rando-imagines MJ, you and I didn’t officially meet for awhile, but seeing you like my posts/reblog always made me smile. Like a little, oh hi! I have someone who really and literally likes all my content! And you are very sweet in person. It’s fun to freak out over the hints and all for new Fandom Fires with you. XD

@fear-is-nameless You were one of, if not the first Theorist blog I found while still on Anon. You’re really good at coming up with them, seeing everyone freaking out is always fun and DANG you’re good at keeping up a timeline for the Ego stuff on Jack’s side! My as yet unnamed and untagged Archives, thank you. XD

@huffletrax An amazing artist and Theorist of Jack’s side of the Fandom, I think I met you around the same time I met Fin. Though I’m not sure, you’re theories are really good and I love your art style! It’s really cute! 😀

@antisilverstorm @janisilverstorm Silver, you and I met through your amazing writing, though it was painful at the same time because it was Angst. XD You’re so good at pulling on heartstrings, but you’re also a good person.

@weepingredwillow Amber, you and I met…….I can’t exactly remember when but I first heard about you from Melissa, that you and Miss Elly gushed over the RP’s we did. XD That was very touching and floored me for a bit, I admit. You are an amazing sister figure and a good mom to your daughter. And you’re not the only one that loves Fandom/Ego Lore either! 😀

@ellynore-moonwood Miss Elly, I met you officially when you did that Hostage Audio during one of the Fandom Fires on Mark’s side. Unofficially, I’ve known you since TGS, you’re VA work is SO amazing and you’re such a sweetheart! I can’t believe you remembered me from a comment I made on one of your works, 6 or more months ago at this point?

@sicarious-nomad Little brother, you’re a great artist and your sense of humor is fantastic! And despite your claims otherwise, you are one of the best examples of the Jerk with heart of gold Trope I’ve met. XD

@pissy-infj Atom, like with Miss Elly I knew you unofficially from TGS and recently on Discord we’ve officially met. You’re an amazing VA and a good person, talking to you is always fun.

@gxve-hxart @friendlyphantom @acealex-blueiguana @blueiguanaart @blueyeswhitedragon16 @viostormcaller @theladymissfortune @markired @lum1natrix @fischyplier @therealjacksepticeye @markiplier @thatsthat24 @no-strings-puppet @thekatthegamerandtheartist @rainbowdogma @archivefullofyoutubers @promsien @piligy @arlinabloodgrave20 @nick-nocturn @everyone else I follow/met in passing or on Anon and that follows me/passes through my blog.

Everyone mentioned and unmentioned as I know I can’t name everyone here, thank you for being my friends, my Treasures. All of you are so important, special and matter so much to me.

Please, take care of yourselves ok, Treasures? Let all your friends, many or few know you love and appreciate and care for them today. Even if you live in different states or countries, or if the memories are alll you have left, however bittersweet they may be. Even in a small way, doesn’t have to be a giant thing if you don’t want it to be. It is what Friendship Day is for, after all! 😀

How’d I miss this? Bless your heart, little sis. 

You are so good to talk to, and we have so much fun together, whether it’s RPing or just chatting about whatever crosses our minds. Between having you and Puppett in my life as my friends, and James as my guy, I feel #BLESSED.

You deserve All The Hugs for all you’ve been through, all that you’re still going through, and that you’ve become such an amazing, loving and giving person in spite of it all. Love ya bunches, Gracie! <3


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