A family doesn’t have to be a man, a woman and children. A family can be a Let’s Player, a demonic eldritch entity, a reality warping author, an omnicidal robot, an eccentric mustache man, some alien looking super hero, a furry king, a redneck, a doctor & a whole lot of Jims 

Oohhh don’t forget about the gameshow host who turns contestants into burgers, the default search engine turned robot and that one student who kills for his senpai to notice him.

Not to mention the traumatized night watchman, the baby who’s a Look Who’s Talking reject, the grumpy post-apocalypse survivalist, the human spider who plays music, the weird guy with goop on his face who regularly sacrifices to the dark gods, the other weird guy with the ball gag in his mouth, and the literal Devil.


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