Thanks @filledepluie for the image of what the cards were. This is my reading and interpretation of the tarot cards in Who Killed Markiplier 3

I couldn’t really determine what type of tarot spread is being used. HOWEVER, the one thing that every spread of this size has in common is that they identify the individuals, and then tell of the possible outcome.

The persons being identified is the smaller group, to the left. The Lovers, the Devil and Strength. The Lovers card generally refers to romantic relationships or marriages, but can also refer to major (non-romantic) attachments in one’s life, and can be symbolic of twins. This card may actually be representative of Celine and Damien, who are loving (if quarrelsome) siblings… and have been head-canoned by some as twins.

They both have strength on their side of the identifying section, indicating his capabilities as a government official and her capacity as a seer. The Devil being placed before them is clearly a reference to the Dark entity of the house, an unknown but tempting and terrifying third player in this chess game (and, if you look on the card itself, the Devil holds the Lovers hostage).

Now we get to the interesting part, the road ahead; interesting, as none of the cards are inverted, which often indicates unfavourable circumstances. But even without that visual indication, it IS bad news.

Our first part is the Sun with the Moon overlaid. This manner of placement generally indicates an obstacle that needs to be overcome. The sun is a positive force, indicating happiness and success… and it is overlaid by the moon, indicative of hidden knowledge and deception.

The card underneath is the High Priestess, which may be Celine by herself, as this card indicates a person (usually female or female-identifying) who is deeply invested in spiritual matters. However, the High Priestess may also be an individual who is conceited or locked into dangerous spiritual practices. (Sound familiar?) At any rate, this indicates that Celine’s sensitivities toward the supernatural are being blinded by the otherworldly being. The Dark entity is misleading her, allowing her to believe she has control.

And this leads us to the final three outcome cards: The Emperor, the Tower and Death. The Emperor is a (male) being of great power, and disasters and destruction follow in his wake. Of the last two cards, the Tower is the most dreaded among tarot readers, as it brings a warning of heartaches and pain ahead for the unwary (which is only magnified even further if revealed in an inverted form during a reading). The Death card doesn’t merely mean death as we understand it, but also transformation… which can be healthy, but in this particular case, bodes nothing good.

In short, this tarot spread predicts Damien and Celine’s downfall as they succumb to the entity lying in wait… and the rise of Darkiplier from their ashes. Our young, confident seer didn’t detect what was right in front of her; Dark spelled it out for her in the cards what He was going to do but, in her arrogance and naiveté, Celine assumed the message was meant for another – not her and her brother.


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