Auditions Update



We are still looking for future cast members to join our team. The following roles we have available are listed below:Β 

– Wilford Warfstache
– Bingsepticeye
– Dr. Henrik Schneeplestein
– Peevils

Check out our Casting Call page here for more details if you wish to audition and try out for those roles. Give it a go and see how far you went!

I just turned in my Warfstache demo at Casting Call. It was done very quickly and is solely of the audition lines, but I hope to expand my range with Will in the future. Take a listen over there and see what you think!

Take 2!

I learned a lot from the critique of my previous demo, and have been practicing my Wilford voice more. Hopefully, it’s a more satisfying listen for everyone. πŸ™‚


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