A simple mental health pain scale.

I’m so thankful this exists. I think that many people with mental health issues (myself included) downplay what they’re going through.

I’m an 8 right now. If I hadn’t seen this chart tonight I’d keep denying my struggle. Now I have to face it.

Been sitting at a 7 for….a really long time.

I’m around 8 or 9

My day to day life for… Several years now, is usually anywhere between 3-7 it fluctuates depending on triggers

Currently at a five – but completely ignoring it.

This made me realize I’ve been operating at a high 7/low 8 for a very, very long time (with some valleys that dip into the ¾ range). And I’m getting therapy for it, and taking my medication like a good girl… and that medical care simply ensures I’m no longer at 9/10 anymore (where I was before I was being treated).

This is the price of mental illness, folks. It’s truly crippling, and you can’t just “snap out of it” like neurotypical folks seem to think you can.