21 Days of Markiplier

Day 5 Table Top: Legendary (w/ Wil Wheaton, Allie Brosh, and Brea Grant)
        (A.K.A. that video where Mark looked like a literal puppy 99% of the time)

Adorable Markimoo is adorable. 😀 

And now I have a new – well, new-to-me – vid to watch. Plus Wil Wheaton is in it? Score!

(Also? Mark totally needs to bring that floofy hair back. It’s a good look for him. Well, that and when the pink was beginning to fade into more of a peach.)

In the time since I first posted this, I’ve seen the vid… and Mark is literally a human puppy 99% of the time. And the floof definitely needs to come back.

He didn’t win, but he was so adorable when playing. I would 100% die for Puppyplier.


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