my primary objective is to answer questions as quickly as possible. my secondary objective is to destroy mankind.

Because I’ve been deluging my followers with Dark stuff, here’s another Iplier… Google IRL.

Yes, my two favourite Mark-egos are the demon and the killer robot. I’m a huge SciFi fan (second gen Trekkie! w00t!), and I write horror and urban fantasy stories for a living, so… yeah, there’s the appeal right there for ya.

Re-blogging my own comment because why not?

Also, saying I “make a living” on my writing is fairly generous at this point. More like, “I really want this to be a thing I make a living on.”

That aside? Yup. Still a Trekkie/horror/urban fantasy kind of gal. I just like the dark, the strange, but I have high hopes for the future of our species, too. 🙂

(And Googleplier is so underrated. I love that kill-crazy overgrown tin can.)


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