Giant tarantulas keep tiny frogs as pets. Insects will eat the burrowing tarantulas’ eggs – so the spiders protect the frogs from predators, and in return the frogs eat the insects. Source

This has blown my mind for years. It’s so unreal. It’s almost the same exact reason humans and cats started living together.

Tiny frogs are tarantula housecats. A science fact seldom gets to sound that much like meaningless word salad.

This is legit, guys. And I’m excited about it.

Someone needs to draw a tarantula person with a tiny pet housefrog now. Please let this be a thing.


How is this?

it all makes sense now

I don’t mean to ignore this beautiful frog-mouth discovery, but I just want to comment on how the first reblog implies that humans bonded to cats so small pests (I suppose mice in this case) would stop eating their babies, which doesn’t sound right, but I don’t know enough about cat related history to dispute it.

Humans bonded with cats because they’re effective vermin-catchers, which was especially important once we invented farming. And yes, rodents have been known to bite people. So it’s always good to have a cat around to lay the smackdown on those suckers.

(Also, OP & comic is the only spider-related post that honestly doesn’t freak me out. #relatable, I guess?)


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