I’m responding to the based on your tumblr thing. I feel like as a person Irl you would be very sophisticated. You would/would have definitely be/been the one who corrects the teacher if they are wrong, and is not afraid to speak their mind. Yet you have a very polite yet mature manner about you. Physical wise, I just picture you with black hair, possibly short? Idk, all I can think of is your icon. XD

Sophisticated? I don’t know about that. XD

But yeah. Nowadays, I’m the kind of person to interject if I think someone’s way off about something. I’m not afraid to speak my mind now, but it took a long time to get here.

I was actually painfully shy when I was a teenager.

(Bonus: At one point, during my 20s, I did dye my hair black. And my hair was short-to-shoulder-length for the longest time.)


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