so im in a discord server with @sketchy-scribs-n-doods and @verobrunhi and we kind of had a moment of shocking realization when i sent this post in the chat (which @therealjacksepticeye liked, btw)
after chase died, Dr. S may have tried to save him, and failed or used unconventional methods causing chase to become some sort of demon. due to chase’s failing marriage and channel, wouldnt you think he’d be very very attention hungry? especially as a demon? this theory has some loose ends that need to be tied up but i think its very interesting, and could possibly be the case.

is the one we need to save the one we least expect?
do we need to save anti?

Imagine Chase really killing himself at the end of Bro Average. 

Imagine a distraught Schneeplestein finding Chase dead on the floor. 

Imagine Schneeplestein performing emergency brain surgery, trying to fix it, trying to restart Chase’s heart and failing. 

Imagine Schneeplestein, in denial of his friend’s death and desperate to ’save’ Chase, making several shady back-end deals and using whatever equipment and drugs necessary. 

Imagine Schneeplestein making attempt after attempt for several days, pumping experimental drugs through Chase’s system, trying to shock his heart awake.

Imagine Schneeplestein, at his wits end, turning up the electricity to lethal levels. 

 Imagine the ear grating sound of crackling electricity as Chase’s eyes snap open and his heart jolts awake.

Imagine the tense feeling of static in the air as Schneeplestein hovers, trembling, over Chase’s prone, twitching form. 

Imagine happy, relieved crying, confusion, minor brain damage, and a new chance at life. 

Imagine bitterness at being brought back when he just wanted it all to end.

Imagine the first glitch. 

Imagine pain, it hurts it hurts, his body and mind, nothing makes sense because he shouldn’t be here

Imagine anger at Schneeplestein. Jealousy towards Jack, then fury. How dare Schneeplestein bring him back? How dare Jack create him for a stupid parody nobody asked for, create him with a failing marriage and useless YouTube channel, and then let him rot away?

Imagine Chase deciding he deserves those millions of subscribers, that attention, more than Jack ever could. 

Imagine Chase seeing how sick and infectious Jack is, spreading like a plague and undeserving of his following. Seeing that Schneeplestein must be perpetuating this sickness, going against nature and bringing Chase back, infecting people instead of saving them. 

Imagine Chase deciding to become the anti-virus to this sickness. The antiseptic to Jack’s infection. 

Imagine Anti/Chase twisting everything in his damaged brain, seeing Jack as the enemy, he made me this way, when he’s actually just craving and needing the attention he never received from his tiny YouTube channel, the validation he was never given in his failed marriage. The adoration that Jack receives in heaps day after day, but that Chase only experienced in a small burst of attention that quickly died off. 

Imagine Anti/Chase believing that all aspects of Jack’s channel must be toxic, and so he goes after the rest of the egos. 

Imagine Anti not processing emotion correctly because of the brain damage being dead several days resulted in, dumping hatred and screams of how ’his body was weak’ onto Jack, when it’s really just self-loathing and a refusal to acknowledge his own ‘weakness’ before killing himself. 

 Imagine Anti choosing to laugh and scream and rage because anything else comes out wrong

Imagine Anti addicted to the attention of the audience, the power it gives him, killing off Jack and his ‘sickness’ to keep it for himself. 

Imagine the fury he feels when suddenly people love Chase, the stupid trickshotting idiot in a failing marriage, out of nowhere, and it doesn’t help one bit because he hasn’t been Chase Brody in a long time. Chase was weak and useless; Anti is powerful, he has a purpose.

Imagine Anti finally deciding that if he can’t get attention by being adored, then he’ll be get it by being feared.

Now imagine all that and tell me he’s not evil @chase-brody-protection-squad

Oh…. My…. Go-

Guys. I gotta go rethink everything now.

This…. THIS. 




Hear me out! If he was originally Chase, what if this new sudden loving of Chase is bringing Anti into an angry tirade because their love is too late and always short-lived. It’s what made him into Anti. Having the love/attention and having it taken away over and over again. And it’s back, but for Chase, and it’s just one big circle. Chase is dead. Anti took his place. He won’t be brought back from the dead again. Not by Schneeplestein. Not by Jack. Not by the fans. No. He won’t go through the cycle again.

Fucking circles.

He’ll take control and end everyone in his way. Because if there’s an end…

There can’t be a circle.

Oh shit you’re right

Some more A+ commentary added to this theory, thank you omfg

@fear-is-nameless @chase-brody-protection-squad @jeaniplier

Because this theory seems to be making the rounds again, I thought I’d bring back

fun fact, op is my old blog lol

OMG, this is an absolutely brilliant theory/imagine!


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