Writing About Amputees:  A Writers’ Masterpost


I’ve been getting a lot of asks lately about how to write characters who are amputees.  As a person with four functioning appendages, I decided the best course of action is to pass the microphone to some folks who actually have the disability in question. 

Here’s a list of resources from real-life amputees.  If you are an amputee, send me an ask with anything you’d like writers to know, and I will add it to this post!


9 Things I Wish I Knew When I Became an Amputee

The Life of an Amputee

“Life is Worth Living:”  Lessons I Learned as a Triple Amputee

Your Stories – Amputee Coalition 

Inspirational Stories – Amputee

True Story:  My Leg Was Amputated


Things Not to Say to Amputees

Living With Limb Loss:  What Amputees Can Expect During the First Six Months Post-Surgery

Amputees on Airplanes

10 Things I Do Differently as a Quadruple Amputee

Morning Routine of an Amputee


Best Selling Books About Women Amputees

Popular Goodreads Books About Amputees

I hope this helps, and happy writing!  


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