Tumblr Log Off Protest

If you use Tumblr, log off their site from all your devices by 12:00 AM EST tonight to protest their censorship of NSFW content.

They are not banning “porn” but are, in actuality, blocking genuine artists and LGBT folk via a badly-coded bot that censors even the most family-friendly images (because bare elbows and kneecaps are clearly risqué), while not lifting a finger against the REAL issues that are causing problems on their site.

The real Tumblr issues include, but are not limited to: an underground pedophile ring, rampant cyberbullying, Nazis promoting hate speech, and bots that try to hijack people’s accounts — all left unchecked. The NSFW artist-made content that is lovingly crafted for a mature audience, on the other hand, is clearly tagged and easily avoided.

Tumblr has also been blocking work-safe tags, such as those for chronic pain sufferers, the mentally ill, and for support of net neutrality. They don’t care about their userbase. It’s time to MAKE THEM CARE. Join us and log off of Tumblr for December 17th.

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