Glaukopis Vigil



Hello everyone. Late last December a Greek Hellenic Polytheist group was attacked by religious extremists while celebrating the Haloa festival. Some members were assaulted and injured, and their altar was destroyed, including offerings and statues of the gods. 

I wanted to start something to show support and solidarity with the group while police are investigating. I’m hoping to have an online, international vigil on the 8th of January to show support. I go more in detail about it here. My inbox is always open for any additional questions as well.

English article about the attack here.

Unable to find any coverage of this from English-language news outlets, but if you go to and search Ελευσίνα there’s two articles in Greek (the quality of the Google translation to English is typical). 

I will pray to Hecate tonight to grant them justice. No one should ever be attacked for simply worshipping their gods on their own timetime and in their own sacred space. No matter who their gods might be.


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