Alright yall listen the fuck up.

If you see this user, block them. Their first message to me was them saying my first name and almost getting my middle name correct. I’ve shared my first name on here before, just not often, but I don’t believe I’ve shared my middle, not to my memory. That alone is extremely freaky. When I asked if I knew them and who they were, they refused to give an answer, instead just responding with clown and heart emojis. I check their blog, and the only thing it consists of is random pictures of women (nothing risque or inappropriate as I’ve seen), which is already a major red flag.

I’ve blocked them now, and am highly considering reporting them for harassment. Just steer clear of this person and be wary of any messages you get from people who aren’t followers/mutuals. Especially if said person knows your name.

I didn’t see this post until after they messaged me, but I also blocked them. I was suspicious when they got my name mostly right and that there was nothing but pictures of pretty girls.

Block the user virtualcatwalkrunwayperson immediately, folks. It’s very disconcerting for a rando/bot to DM you with your full name. And I definitely suspect they’re up to no good.


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