Hace unos dias vi una serie de gifs de Marie Kondo explicando que a la hora de ordenar nuestra ropa debemos elegir la que nos produce felicidad, y para no sentirnos mal por la ropa que queremos botar, agradecer el tiempo que estuvo esa prenda estuvo con nosotros y dejarla ir..

Esto me llamo la atención y luego en Netflix descubri que habia una serie de ella, donde va a casas de personas y las ayuda a organizar. Me gusto su método y quise compartir algunos de sus consejos con ustedes. Quien sabe. Siempre se aprende algo 😉

Some users translated my words, because in the comments were asking for it, so here I shared one that I considered the most exactly. Thank you so much everybody! 🤗and specially @streptomycinn. If you wanna see more post about Marie Kondo and her Konmari method of tidying up please check my tumblr 😉🌷👩🏻‍💼

“A few days ago, I saw a series of gifs of Marie Kondo explaining that, when we’re organizing our clothes, we should choose those that spark joy, and in order to not feel bad about the clothes we have to throw away, we should thank the clothes for the time that they were with us and then let them go.

This caught my attention, and I found on Netflix that she had her own series, where she goes to people’s houses and helps them to organize. I like her method and I want to share some of her advice with you. Who knows. You can always learn something 😉