I’m so grateful for all the support I received on my last personal growth challenge that I decided to make a tarot challenge!💜 It’s fairly straight forward; this is a 31 day challenge to help you embrace yourself, your past, and everything wonderful about you. You are more than welcome to use tarot, oracle, or runes. I ask that you do your best to keep an open mind when asking the questions and reading your answers. If you let what you think is true cloud the reading you might not get the actual answer you need. My only hope is that I can help someone learn to love themselves a little more. Enjoy my beautiful sweet peas!🌺

The Challenge

  1. Who are you? Try not to be too caught up in your own image of you. Let this one speak for itself and don’t let your projection cloud the reading. it’s important we see ourselves for who we really are, that’s the only way to grow.
  2. What is your current outlook on life? Sometimes we think we see the world one way but that’s not entirely true. This is just a question to see if you’re a half full or half empty(or anything) kinda human.
  3. What do you need to let go of? This isn’t necessarily specific to yourself. You may need to let go of a bad memory, a toxic person or relationship, so keep an open mind.
  4. What’s a strength(or multiple strengths) of yours? Pull as many cards as you want, relish in them! 
  5. How can #4 help you with #3?
  6. How does your inner child see you? This is fairly important and it doesn’t necessarily need to be a toddler you. When I think of my inner child I think of sad little 13 year old me because that’s the me I want to give the most hope and joy too. 
  7. What can you do to bring more peace into your life? No matter what stage your life is in you can use a little more peace. This can be an actual activity you participate in or just a way of thinking! 
  8. What are you having a hard time accepting? This could literally be anything, it’s super important you stay open minded when reading these cards.
  9. How can you practice self love today?
  10. What inner negativity do you need to release? This is your issue friend, a bad habit, a nasty way of thinking, etc.
  11. What is blocking your self love? Aside from you the obvious you, it’s important to find out what part of you is holding you back.
  12. How can you cultivate more love for yourself? HOW!? Time with friends? Writing in a journal?! Look to the cards.
  13. Why you should love yourself. I can answer this one, it’s because you matter and you’re a beautiful sweet pea.
  14. How can you use your self love to help others? I personally think self love isn’t entirely focused on yourself, spread the love.
  15. How do others see me? The age old question.
  16. How do you think others see you? Don’t try and force a certain card, be honest with yourself.
  17. How do you see you? Repeat line above.^^^^ Part of self growth is accepting the truth upfront and deciding what to do with that information.
  18. Why does it matter to you how others see you? 
  19. How can you be more accepting of love? This doesn’t just mean self love but love from others as well. I know a good number of us are the type to reject or make a joke out of compliments given to us but why not just accept the love others want to give to you? It can help you learn to love yourself more by accepting the nice light your loved ones see you in.
  20. What walls have you built around yourself? Pull as many cards as walls, my love.
  21. Why are those walls there? I know this question is going to trigger an immediate response in some of us(same) but try really hard not to focus on that. Sometimes there’s more going on under the surface than we can understand at the moment, feel free to pull multiple cards but no more than five.
  22. What can you do to help remove some of those walls? Tear them down!
  23. What can you do to trust yourself more? You can’t have a healthy relationship with anyone, including yourself, without trust.
  24. How can you use self love in healing? Chances are this journey has brought up some old wounds your looking to close for good. How can we turn this love for yourself into a way of healing? To help you grow?
  25. What can loving yourself teach you(other than self love)? Please keep this under two cards. 
  26. How can you better communicate with yourself? Communication is key in any relationship. If you can’t work through your own thoughts how will you convey those feelings to others?
  27. Why are you so damn beautiful? WHY?! I don’t understand. Why are you beautiful? (Tag me in this one for sure!)
  28. What can you do to challenge yourself? There’s no growth without a challenge – aside from the one you’re currently doing..
  29. How can you be more loving of the world? I know we’re all bitter(who wouldn’t be with Trump in office) but giving love to others and seeing love in the world is fundamental to feeling in love with yourself.
  30. What should you be more confident about?
  31. What habits can you bring into your life to practice self love more frequently? This is specifically a three card pull. This can be a physical habit like diet change or maybe just a way of thinking, have fun with interpretation! 

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