Markiplier Promise

If someone manages to guess the exact plot of tomorrow’s video I’ll let them watch it early.

It’s Damien inside his head with Celine and the demon from the house. Everything takes place in his psyche.

The forest and hunting cabin was a place Damien created to “fix” himself.

Celine’s already trapped under the ice.

The flower is a sign that this is not a normal place in any reality, and it doesn’t fall under a specific time period because it’s in his head.

And there’s the classic monster in the woods scenario – except the monster is the demon.

Damien becomes trapped, and the demon emerges as the dominant personality. The physical body is taken over by the demon. That demon is the Darkiplier we all know and love, and he has Damien and Celine’s memories at his disposal when he wants to seem convincely human/sympathetic to manipulate people.

…So, did I won?


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