Comforting to know ad algorithms haven’t completely infiltrated mylife yet bc they keep assuming I’m a homeowner like in what world

mine keep assuming I’m pregnant

which I most certainly am not

They assume I’m either elderly or in need of purchasing insurance. Or both. Both of which couldnt be any more inaccurate.

And that’s just tumblr. My youtube ads are never games like my sister gets, sometimed movies though but mostly shitty ones and horror, both of which I wouldnt watch. The rest is stupid hair products which I, as a person who is not white and does not have straight hair, cannot use, grubhub, or condoms. And I hate every ad they show me. Show me interesting stuff for once, or at LEAST give me a way to filter and customize the ads I see.

…the condom ads make me super fucking uncomfortable.

My “favourite” (note the sarcasm) was when the “Fifty Shades of Grey” movie came out. I absolutely LOATHED the books, and could not skip the ads.


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