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Dark finally toning down the ‘I’m all evil and I’ll prove it shenanigans because of you. Because he’s fallen in love. Instead now he spends his days with you curled up to him and him reading poetry to you. He’s starting to believe he can be loved even though he’s changed so much from being the kind Damien that used to hold any power over him

Wel Actor!Mark doesn’t like that one bit. He needs Dark to be his villain, but he’s getting too soft again. So of course the obvious solution is to try and get rid of the problem… you

Oof. Even worse. Actor Mark thinks the hero should get the girl/guy/nb romantic interest. And he can’t have that big beast imprisoning you, he must save you from its clutches! And undo that obvious brainwashing you’ve been put under, so you know who is your real Prince Charming. After all, no one could love the beast in his story

I smell a Beauty and the Beast AU

Oh my god. It clicked. It finally clicked!

The whole thing really is a fairytale. Not the sanitised, kid-friendly versions… but the original terrifying, dark stories by the Grimms and so many other storytellers of the old days.

Dark is the Beast in this. He’s an obvious monster with a bad attitude, and we should be scared. But it’s not his fault… it’s a curse. He was turned into something he never wanted to be, with no hope of ever being the man he once was ever again. And though we’re captive in his dark and lonely world (ADWM’s Horror, Freedom & Chocolate ending) he never intended to hurt us. 

(Disney changed the Beast’s curse to a definite punishment from the enchantress. In the original tale, it was really just a case of bad luck to be cursed like that, and the Beast was never to blame for being what he was.)

Actor Mark is actually soooo like Gaston. He’s a pretty face and smooth talker, and is “supposed to be” the hero… but underneath the apparent charm, he’s the real monster. 

(Gaston only exists in the Disney version of the story, to act as a foil to the Beast and give the Beauty a choice. But it was a smart addition they made to the tale!)

Maybe true love really can help save Dark. The love of an old friend. The DA, us.


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