So. Damien. I just had a thought

Everyone seems to think that the pink flower represents Wilford. I can see why, but I think it may represent Us, the viewers, the DA.

If the story takes place after WKM, the purgatory when Dark grabs the cane, we should technically still be a part of the story, as it’s our body. With us as the body, it would be reasonable to assume that we’re represented by the forest itself, rather than a character like the two souls trapped inside.

Not only that, from “you don’t die too easily”, but also the way that it’s spoken about by the characters. Celine is cynical about the flower. “It’s probably dead already.” She never liked us too much. But Damien hopes that it survives, with a warmth to his voice. We’re his friend. We were his friend.

Oof. My heart.


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