The Shadow Realm (on Discord!)



I’ve had this Discord server for awhile now to talk to my friends in a centralized area, but have today decided to open it up to invite my readers into my “home”, as well. 

If you feel like chatting with me, @southerndragontamer, @wanderlust-novadust, @weepingredwillow and some other awesome people about fannish and non-fannish stuff alike, click the link below!


Please note: Certain rooms on the server contain mature or potentially disturbing material, so you are advised to avoid the NSFW channels, unless you are of legal age in your area and are comfortable with such material. 

Just as a reminder, this is another way you can get ahold of me. My user name on Discord is Μελισσά, κόρη του Εκάτη#0429 (confusing to look at, I know, but that’s because it’s Greek for “Melissa, daughter of Hekate”).

If you follow me, then feel free to friend me on Discord. 🙂


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